A message from the Director: Dr Paul McCabe

Food is an essential requirement and a basic right for all human populations. Humanity is facing major challenges in feeding the planets children in the near future. Population growth means we must produce as much food in the next 50 years as we have in the previous 10,000. This increase in food production must be achieved despite a background of climate change and a need to ensure food production does not harm the environment.

The UCD Plant Science Centre brings together a broad range of scientists in order to focus on the implementation of sustainable crop production systems, the production of innovative products from plants and the development of plants containing new or increased amounts of health promoting substances that can contribute to combating a number of diseases and medical conditions. Our members are drawn predominantly from the UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science and the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science.

The Centre unites a large number of UCD plant scientists that investigate fundamental and applied aspects of plant science and work alongside industry in exploiting research breakthroughs. We welcome collaboration so please feel free to contact the Centre or any of its individual members.

Together our aim is to contribute to the societal challenges of future food security and to ultimately feed the children of tomorrow.

Dr Paul McCabe
University College Dublin
March 2016