Lyons Research Farm

UCD Lyons Research Farm is the teaching and research facility operated by University College Dublin outside Newcastle, County Kildare, about 30 kilometres west of the main UCD Campus at Belfield.

About Lyons Farm

The Lyons Research Farm at University College Dublin is equipped with the most up to date equipment and experimental test facilities for crop science research.

The research farm consists of 250 hectares at Lyons, Newcastle, County Dublin where large scale field trials are conducted on a range of arable, forage and bioenergy crops, and where a wide variety of precision sowing and harvesting equipment associated with large scale field crop experimentation exists. Facilities and laboratories are also available for seed preparation, detailed plant analysis, grain sample drying, testing of physical grain quality characters. In addition there is equipment for determining the nitrogen content of grains and plant material using NIR and pyrolytic techniques. The aim of this facility is to provide the facilities and infrastructure for teaching students in Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine and to support research for the sustainable production and protection of arable crops under Irish environmental conditions. A greenhouse facility also exists for plant genetics and plant improvement studies.