Research and Technical Staff

The Research and Technical Staff associated with the UCD Plant Science Centre provide invaluable support and guidance to the Principal Investigators, Post Doctoral Researchers and Affiliated Research Students.

Ms Thalia Christodoulou

UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD Earth Institute

Thalia Christodoulou is currently a Research Assistant in the group of Professor Fiona Doohan. Her responsibilities include: the propagation of plant material and GM wheat for the purposes of gene characterisation, to contact disease trials on cereals, the maintenance of the glasshouse area and glasshouse trials associated with the Virtual Irish Centre for Crop Improvement (VICCI) project and finally to assist the postdoctoral scientist in the laboratory studies of genes, as necessary.

Before this position she graduated with an Honours degree from University College Dublin, earning her MSc in Plant Biology and Future Crops. In the context of her MSc Programme, she was working on a research project focused on cereal plants and the characterisation of genes involved in salt stress tolerance.

Ms Gwyneth MacMaster

UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD Earth Institute

Gwyneth MacMaster is a Senior Technical Officer working with Dr Rainer Melzer and Professor Jennifer McElwain's research groups. She manages the day-to-day running of their laboratories including all matters pertaining to health and safety. She also provides technical assistance to both teams and visiting students.

Gwyneth is proficient in molecular techniques including PCR, qPCR, DNA cloning and microsatellites as well as experience with GM organisms and associated licensing.

Her research interests are diverse, ranging from classical botany and palaeoecology to plant molecular genetics and molecular ecology. Previous research has included a re-analysis of the Lamb-Clarke historical apple collection using molecular markers.

Before this position, Gwyneth graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A. in Botany after which she completed an MSc in the Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants at the University of Edinburgh. In recent years, she has obtained a certificate in Health and Safety from UCD and a diploma in Project Management from Dublin Business School. She is currently a member of the SBES safety committee.