Plant Bioprocessing

Producing fuel and value-added products

Using plants to benefit humanity

Crops, plants and plant cell cultures can be used for industrial-scale production of fuels, pharmaceutical drugs and other high value compounds such as flavours, dyes, and feed additives.

The UCD Centre for Plant Science hosts a number of groups that are actively pursuing research in several of these economically important areas of biotechnology. Facilities that support this type of research include state of the art greenhouses and growth chambers, cell culture growth rooms, bioreactors and gene guns and a range of molecular tools including transcriptomics and metabolomics.

Forestry research

Our forestry research programme aims to identify larch genes that improve resistance to die back caused by Phytophthora ramorum. This is a disease of increasing incidence and concern in Ireland and Europe and a better understanding of the host-pathogen interaction will open up new avenues for disease control.